Why Us?

The security function encompasses a wide range of services that generally fall into three categories – protect, police, and prevent.  Unlike other security companies that try to be everything to everyone by being a “jack of all trades”, we made a business decision to focus on a single category – protection.  We made this decision so that we could concentrate all of our energy and resources on producing the best “protection” services in the industry.  This approach fully leverages our core competency – innovation, which we have defined as the ability to continuously deliver new value to clients.


Group’s network of strategic partners is an example of innovation. This network gives us the ability to form a closer relationship than usually found in other business arrangements like subcontracting.  This potentially translates into access to new ideas, technologies and business opportunities.  It also gives us the depth that large companies have without the disadvantages that large companies have like rigid reporting lines and long decision-making processes.  Besides, academic research and common wisdom concur that small companies are generally better at producing innovative ideas and products than large companies.

A good example is our relationship with Core Security Services, our sister company.  We formed a strategic partnership to optimize the operations of both companies, and to realize savings.  These savings are found by operating a single Security Operations Center (SOC), and by eliminating redundancy of senior management functions – namely, the operations management and business development positions.  This just doesn’t save money; it gives Group and Core the capability to fully leverage the experience of these two managers for the benefit of both companies.




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