Quality Assurance

Everybody talks about it. Group Security delivers.

Group Security has the strongest quality assurance program in the industry.

  1. All of our security professionals are assessed on a quarterly basis. In particular, we assess our guards on trade knowledge, reliability, consistency and motivation.
  2. All sites are assessed on a monthly basis by our field supervisors. We assess our guards on their knowledge of site policies and protocols. Sites with a security team are assessed on a random basis by the team leader.
  3. Field managers conduct “snap audits” at any time 24/7 to assess performance in a heightened security scenario.
  4. Group Security has its own version of “mystery shopper” where we measure the quality of service and compliance with policies, protocols, and procedures.

Quality control – What’s wrong with this installation?

Group also applies the same strict quality control measures in our installations.  That cannot be said of the two installations pictured below.  Both cases below are a security breach in-waiting; to avoid this, the installation company should have used conduit. If this is not possible, there are some very inexpensive options for point-point wireless.  As for the extension cords, well this is simply a cost-cutting measure that begs for a breach.  There is no excuse.  As for the picture on the right, outstanding installation, except for the plug on the outside.  Despite the mess in the left picture, the exposed plug on the right is the worst of the two because it makes it way too easy for someone to breach your security.

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