Protecting your business is our only business.  This gives us the wherewithal to master and integrate, in a practical manner, the three functions of guarding, observing, and patrolling.  The end-result is a capability that can be tailored to your needs.  For example, Patrol Plus was developed to remedy a fundamental shortfall with mobile patrols – namely no value.

Currently, mobile patrols are used to “drop-by” a client’s property to make sure “all is good”.  Unfortunately this often turns into to a race to get as many sites “tagged” as humanly possible.  No one is really looking to spend any time at the site.  Besides we all know the “bad guys” are watching and waiting for the patrol to leave.

So we leveraged our remote surveillance expertise to introduce a solution that uses remote IP video surveillance and motion detection solutions to cue further investigation or response by a patrol in the event of suspicious or criminal behavior. This marriage between “patrol” and “observe” provides a single effective and affordable security at 50% or more of the cost over using traditional mobile patrol services.

Group Security’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) serves as the nexus for the guard, observe, and patrol functionalities.  This SOC is neither an alarm monitoring station nor a call center.  It is a 24/7 self-contained command, control and communications facility that manages security forces through the effective and efficient flow of information, and the integration of resources.  It also does a whole host of other services to ensure that our operations run smoothly across the Company.  Our SOC is manned by experienced security professionals, not customer service representatives.  We believe that all security-related situations must be managed professionally and with care.

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