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Group Security’s OBSERVE function provides an affordable and effective fixed surveillance capability. As part of the triad, it serves to project our SOC and its very experienced security operations personnel into your site. It also gives the SOC the capability to identify potential criminal activities before they happen through its virtual patrol programme, and, when you need it the most, to verify a criminal incident is taking place so that we can get an immediate police response.


Gone are the old days of CCTV. Better cameras, analytics, and IP protocols, are opening up the door to a convergence between physical security, video surveillance and information technology. Many duties that had been handled by guards and mobile patrols can now be transferred to a Security Operations Center (SOC) where experienced operations personnel manage your security and any incidents that may happen.

Cameras are also a more efficient tool for covering a large amount of space; essentially, every camera you have becomes an extra set of eyes giving us the ability to be everywhere at once even at night.  The first picture was taken at 0200 in the morning using just ambient light – no infra-red blasters; just great technology.  The camera used was the Axis 1604E camera.

Why Would I Need Remote Video Surveillance?

1. Perimeter Intrusion. Catch the bad guys. Surveillance cameras act as a trip wire, alerting our SOC of a potential problem.
2. Theft. Virtually guard specific items of value or entire spaces.
3. Situational Awareness. Put a multitude of eyes to work for you, and have it streamed to your PDA or computer. Remote video surveillance can tell you what is going on at any time.
4. Safety. Whether it’s keeping loiterers away, virtually escorting employees to their cars, remote video surveillance provides a safety blanket protecting your employees and customers.

Advantages of Remote Video Surveillance
1. Save money. There are significant savings to be made. Just make sure you are working with a reliable and established security service provider. One mistake and those savings evaporate quite quickly.
2. Proactive. Unlike other security providers Group does not wait until an event occurs. Our surveillance operators are conducting virtual patrols of all their assigned sites.
3. Continuous. Video surveillance provides uninterrupted service. No coffee breaks or pre-shift briefings.
4. Immediate. Our surveillance system responds literally at the speed of light.
5. Flexibility. Cameras are very flexible in their use. They are really only limited by poor planning or the capabilities of the facility and individuals on the back-end of the video feeds.

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