The basic tasks of the PATROL function are to follow a route at intervals looking out for anything out of the ordinary, and to respond to situations as is warranted. Patrols are assigned to specific sites or to several sites.  There are three types of patrols – foot, bicycle and vehicle. Regardless of the mode, our security professionals work hard with you to better understand your needs, and to create a positive relationship.

Whether it’s in a uniform or jacket and tie, our trained and licensed security professionals can protect your business, employees and infrastructure. Our employees are trained to be as effective as possible, but also helpful and friendly in any environment.


Mobile patrols are useful tools when used properly. For example, our vehicle patrols can …

1. Lock and unlock your property

2. Respond to alarms and suspicious activity

3.  Patrol communities and business parks.  This has many benefits. However, to be effective the patrol needs an established presence.  A drive-by every hour or so has no value.

We strongly recommend against using mobile patrols to conduct random visits.  They have very little value when used in this manner.  Patrol Plus is a far better solution.

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